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ぼちぼち訳すGOTHAR by Satange GOTHAR is the god of creation, the origin of everything. He created Ganareth, and gave it the sun, to repel darkness for eternity. Then, he gave birth to nine gods, born from his essence. He gave each god a kingdom. But soon, the young gods, who wanted to be worshiped and served as they worshipped and served Gothar, asked him to be allowed to create a race they could rule over. The god of gods gave them the power to create, and secretly gave Neutra the mission to create a pure magic being, Dragoon, which he placed in a cocoon he created for this purpose: the Moon. The new stellar object radiated mana, and people could gather this energy and grow thanks to the help of this magic Gothar had wanted them to use.But most of all, Gothar is the father of gods, and because of their unceasing quarrels, which caused entire races to disappear, he forced the nine gods to sign the divine concordat with their own blood, and to stop interfering with Ganareth history. On the same day, he created humankind and gave its people religious freedom. But his children?s quarrels did not stop there, and when the moon set Dragoon free, Gothar discovered that the concordat had been stolen. These betrayals irritated him, and he tore out a part of his children’s hearts and created nine entities from these hearts. He sent his creations on Ganareth and imprisoned the gods in the Wahl, Gothar’s kingdom, so that they could see their peoples defend against the upcoming invasion. During the war, he sent immortal beings down to Ganareth to spread their knowledge. He gave birth to fairies, them in turn gathered the Elders Council and allowed the peoples of Ganareth to discover the influence of moon crystals on magic. The immortals’ knowledge and the rediscovery of magic caused the end of the dragons’ oppression over the kingdoms.When the recapture was about to end, Gothar granted every race on Ganareth religious freedom. He enacted ten rules, then withdrew, along with his nine children, in the constellations the moon had created when it had set Dragoon free. Since then, Gothar watches his creation from the Sun Chariot constellation. Clergy: Gothar has no clergy, at least not like other gods do. For if the treaty he left before his departure allows the bravest to submit their requests directly to him, Gothar has always been difficult to reach. He does not create any spell, therefore does not have any priests. Sometimes, people worship him, but this is always a personal endeavor, and it never gets any answer from him.Let us not forget that Gothar is, above all, the god of gods. Dogma: Having no clergy, Gothar’s dogma is more a subject of debate than a religious doctrine. Some people think he wants to create a harmonious world, and that this is the whole point of his work. Others believe that he created Ganareth only as a lesson for the new gods. Lastly, some people even assert that, since creation is the god of gods’ essence, he just followed his essence by creating Ganareth, as he wanted to. Major ceremonies: Only two ceremonies in Ganareth refer to Gothar. In summer solstice, this is Gothar’s Rest. People honor the day when he went to sleep and when darkness came over Ganareth, causing days to shorten, and temperature to decrease. In winter solstice, this is Gothar’s Awakening. This is the day when he created the sun for his creation, to chase the night away. It announces long and warm summer days. Sacred numbers and symbols: Two sacred numbers and symbols represent Gothar. The first, and most widely known, is Two, a circle divided by a vertical, black and white axis. It represents the god of gods’ duplicity, and the eternal conflict between Dark and Light. This symbol is found in every temple of Ganareth, who matter who the temple is dedicated to. But sometimes there is a second symbol: a golden disc, associated with the number One. Authorized classes: Not available to players.






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