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ぼちぼち訳すYSATIS by Satange YSATIS is Gothar’s first creation, first child and the mother of life on Ganareth. On the day when gods asked their creator to offer each of them a race that would worship and obey them as they worshipped and obeyed Gothar, the god of gods granted Ysatis the hard task of creating the rite of life creation.On this day, Ysatis chose to create a smart, clever and nice race. Lutins spread on the plains of the first kingdom and left a peaceful life in harmony with the world. Soon, they discovered the uses of plants growing on their lands, and dug vast underground galleries artistically decorated, in order not to desecrate the landscape their goddess created for her kingdom. Sometimes, though, cities like Germyriad destroyed this beautiful land.During the war between Dragoon’s hordes and the other peoples of Ganareth, Galinaa, mother of birds, born of Ysatis’ heart, lead lutins to the fight. This was the last kingdom to be captured, and this was a bloodshed. Dragoon’s armies captured the first kingdom only after a thousand years of fights, since lutins kept on digging their galleries everywhere under Ganareth. Galiina used her birds to spy on Dragoon’s troops and to tell the rebels who were moving silently and secretly using the tunnels the lutins had made. As the war was ending, when Gothar granted every free race with the freedom of religion, Ysatis left for the constellation of the Star Spike. Most lutins remained faithful to their goddess, and still pray her nowadays. Clergy: Ysatis is the goddess of life, and her cult is globally united. There are some quarrels between Dark and Light members, but in general, the three masters of the cycle intervene and stop these quarrels.The council of cycle masters is composed of the master of summer, the master of life and the master of winter. Their mission is to preserve harmony within the cult, and to ensure that life goes on forever. High priests in every kingdom elect them.There are paladin orders, but they lack a real organization, and most of these worshippers spread their beliefs by themselves. Dogma: The cycle of life is the base of Ysatis faith. Birth, life and death of something, in order to be born again in an eternal wheel, is the way most priests see the world. Respecting each of these stages is important if you do not want to disturb the perfect cycle. This is the reason why the goddess’ sons and necromancers hate each other so much. Death comes when it has to, sometimes too soon, sometimes in a violent manner. Priests of Ysatis understand and accept the fact. This is why they have to promote fertility, which is the second major aspect of the cult. Creating new lives, plants or animals, is a duty for the faithful. Life has to stand against death, or balance can be lost. Major ceremonies: Ysatis’ temple has many members who are able to assist mothers when they give birth. Births are always considered a happy moment, and these services are given for free. When the baby is born, he is granted the religious blessings.On every year, shortly before winter comes, its arrival is celebrated with a large festival, where people prepare the best pieces of meat, the best wine and grain barrels in order to get ready for the cold. When summer starts, there is another festival, but much more simple, to remind the faithful that the cycle of life always leads to a renewal after the end. In general, this festival is paid by the cult, according to what was saved from the cold season. Sacred symbol and number: A triangle pointing upwards, and number Three. Authorized classes: Sorcerer, illusionist, archer, ranger, cleric, paladin, warrior






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