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ぼちぼち訳すZEPHYR by Satange ZEPHYR is Gothar’s third son. Born from his breath, he rules over traveling since the beginning. When the time came to create the race that would worship him, he created the Orcs: strong, resilient, and able to stand against the hardships of a nomad’s life in great deserts. In the dark ages, the divine breath played a controversial role.Dragons had captured all his children, the Orcs, and his kingdom was already seemed lost within the first few days of the war. Although he asked Elytra, mother of insects, born from his heart, to assist the rebels, he refused to involve his daughter in the battle openly. Elytra’s troops involvement and impact in the battle is unquestionable, and the fact is that half-orcs existed since the first days of the seven pillars treaty; however, even today, some people criticize Zephyr for not being openly part of this conflict.The orcs never completely recovered from the dragons’ rule, and their god lost them forever. Zephyr took the half-orcs, their children, heroes of the war between Ganareth peoples and Dragoon, under his wing. When he departed to the constellation of the compass card, Zephyr promised his new people that they would always find him as a guide in their travels. Clergy: The clergy of the Divine Breath has a peculiar structure. It has a very strict functioning and structure. However, frequent journeys every cult member has to perform are the source of organization problems for the cult. In order to solve the problem, Zephyr’s worshippers pray once a day when they travel on the roads of Ganareth.There is one high priest for the whole cult, for both Dark and Light. The temple wants to stand united and structured, despite possible troubles among worshippers. Travels play a great role in religious practice. It is not uncommon to see a priest settling in a temple for some time, then leaving and being replaced by another priest, in a long pilgrimage to the high priest, in order to pay for a sedentary life. The cult has few paladin orders, for the adepts who follow this path in Zephyr’s cult choose to preach through teaching; traveling from place to place, where the constellation of the compass card leads them. Dogma: The dogma of Zephyr is mainly based on the teaching value of traveling. Discovering the world by yourself allows you to face its reality, its people and its laws. Through this experience, worshippers learn the complexity of the world, and the fact that there is a huge area of uncertainty between Good and Evil. Everything is not black and white, but shades of gray, everything has a cause and a consequence. This is why Zephyr’s worshippers travel so often on Ganareth. They need to realize that their town is not the center of the world, and that they have to observe the life they lead from an external point of view.Such ideals could make people believe that the church of the Divine Breath is nothing but a gathering of misanthropists who spend more time in the wilderness than at home. Yet, many worshippers are very concerned about their traditions and community. Indeed, when you travel, you do not need a goal, but you need a starting point. Every journey, every experience, is nothing but a way to come back home as a better man. Major ceremonies: In addition to a daily prayer when traveling, every five years, the high priest of the cult calls the worshippers for a vast pilgrimage. The goal of this "Great journey" is set several months in advance through visions the high priest receives directly from Zephyr in his dreams. Every local church is kept informed and has to forward the interpretations to their believers. Everybody may reach the specified location as he or she pleases, but it is recommended not to choose the easiest path. Indeed, in addition to the time between two pilgrimages, the journey in itself is a proof of dedication to the Breath. Sacred number and symbols: Four is Zephyr’s number. His symbol is the square. Authorized classes: Illusionist, enchanter, archer, bard, ranger, druid, paladin, warrior, shadow knight






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