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2005/11/01 Tue

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ぼちぼち訳すNEUTRA by Satange NEUTRA is one of the strangest divinities in Ganareth pantheon, and one of the hardest to grasp. An androgynous god/goddess, she has always remained perfectly neutral in most conflicts on Ganareth since it was created. In the first days of creation, as the other gods were constantly fighting, Neutra did not involved in these quarrels that made the creator so upset. This is undoubtedly why Gothar asked her to create a pure magic entity that would radiate mana upon earth. Neutra created Dragoon; her child in the first sense. Gothar created the moon and placed Dragoon inside, to allow peoples of Ganareth to benefit his mana forever. Then he allowed each god to create a race that would worship them with passion, and that would work for their glory. On this day, Neutra created the elves, a beautiful race, close to nature than any other race. She gave them her teachings, and they learned, as their divinity and nature did, to keep a distance between them and the surrounding world.When the moon set Dragoon free, and Ganareth was lost in an age of darkness, Neutra decided to remain out of the conflicts once again. Her daughter Coccifera, mother of animated plants, reacted against Dragoon in a very passive way. Dragoon’s army couldn’t reach a place without the forest slowing them down. Each time the orcs managed to clear a path in the forest, trees came back soon after. Although Dragoon never won the war over Coccifera, Neutra witnessed deep changes the war made in her kingdom. Some plants had changed, and were now eating living flesh. Even the elves had known a division, the most important in Ganareth history.Hoping to discover new magical ways to fight the dragons, a few elves wanted to try unexplored paths. Some of them wanted to launch a research on enchantments, whereas other wanted to find the answer in the essence of death itself. These points of view never found an agreement, and even if all the elves remained united against dragons, the elf people was now divided in three distinct parts: high elves and enchantments, dark elves and necromancy, and the vast majority who remained close to Neutra’s teachings, the wood elves.When the wood elves got the freedom of religion from Gothar, at the end of the war, they chose to keep on living according to their ancient traditions, according to Neutra’s principles. Clergy: Neutra’s clergy is defined by the high number of people leading the smallest of its entities. Druids often discuss their decisions together, and sometimes five of the most important druids meet when an important problem has to be analyzed.This oligarchic attitude is reproduced in many levels of the cult. Churches lead by two, three or more priests are quite a common sight.However, clergy efficiency does not seem to be affected much by the amount of people taking decisions. Neutra’s worshippers who belong to a leading group usually show an exemplary esprit-de-corps, and will to reach an agreement is something that is very difficult to find in any other clergy. Dogma: Neutrality does not mean you do not say anything. Neutra is not the denial of man and woman. The deity is the symbol of the perfect harmony of both concepts. Neutrality is the creation of a perfect and serene ensemble. There is no shadow without light, no man without woman, no joy without grief. According to the dogma, understanding Neutra’s will means accepting the opposite. Accepting the world means accepting what you reject the most. But the cult of Neutra is also defined by the distance it sets between the faithful and "the world", for it is useless to try and alter the world. The world is as it should be, shadow and light, male and female. He who follows Neutra’s way wants to get rid of these values and to reach perfection and harmony.However, we have to point out that the majority of worshippers do not practice this vision of the cult. Some of the young priests are strongly suggested to discover the world and to understand what it is made of, and then to come back home stronger and wiser. Major ceremonies: Twice a year, in the middle of each season, Neutra’s faithful gather together to be united. This is a time of changes within the cult, and an opportunity for every worshipper who came to express their feelings. Druids carefully listen to what is said, but never take any decision during the ceremonies. They usually meet once again in a small group to decide a few days after, based on the opinions they heard previously. At least once a year, worshippers have to observe one day of spiritual isolation, and to keep away from cities and people. This "day" may last as long as the adept deems if necessary. He uses this time to dwell upon the nature of the world. Sacred number and symbol: Neutra’s number is Five, and her symbol is the pentagram. Authorized classes: Sorcerer, Illusionist, Archer, Bard, Ranger, Druid, Monk, Warrior.






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