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2005/11/01 Tue

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ぼちぼち訳すCALDER by Satange THE eighth creature born from Gothar, Calder draws his essence from his creator’s intelligence. The god of gods knew what he did when he created this divinity. Calder has always been a secretive and cruel god. He wanted his people to resemble him, and people who matched his expectations always joined him. Before the war between Kels and Morgans destroyed both peoples, these people were perfect images of their god. They did not build huge cathedrals, but prayed in secret in the crater of an active volcano. When tensions appeared between them and Aesir’s people, they did not hesitate to desecrate one of the goddess’ churches as a warning.But in the dark ages, Calder quickly lost strength in his fights against dragons. Diplood, mother of giants, born from his heart, was one of the first to assist him against Dragoon, assisted by her gigantic creatures. However, like everybody else, she fell against hordes of perfectly organized great worms.At the end of the war, dark elves settled in the caves of the volcanic kingdom of Calder, and worshipped him, to his great joy. Clergy: Calder’s clergy is structured in a very strict and restrictive manner. There are many ranks within the church, and every rank has duties and obligations towards the other members of the temple. This structure creates a complex web of internal influences, which allows the smartest to reach the top of the ladder.There are two distinct sects within the cult, one Dark and one Light. Although both sects swear that they did not work against one another, there is a large portion of isolated acts that are left unexplained willingly. Some people try to unite the cult again by creating unaffiliated groups, but so far, both high priests of each sect never allowed a third religious entity to get the smallest piece of their power. Dogma: Calder’s worshippers get their inspiration in the dynamic structure of games. Every society relies on laws and principles that define a network of powers, and it is possible to manipulate these laws and principles in order to achieve one’s goals. The understanding of these dynamic elements is the way to pull the strings and to bend the world to one’s will. The best weapon of all is a sharp mind. Fools cannot grasp the subtle concepts of their own world, and act without a purpose. Calder’s worshippers always dwell on their projects for a long time, looking for the most efficient and cheapest way to meet with their goal. They reveal their intentions at the very last moment, when it is time to hit. Major ceremonies: There are very few official ceremonies within the cult, at least very few public ones. But once a year, in the eighth month, all worshippers gather together and pray in the eighth kingdom. However, it is important to point out that, although worshippers from both alignments have been seen together in peace, people who tried to create some trouble during these meetings have always been dealt with accordingly. Sacred number and symbols: Calder has chosen Eight as a number, and the eight-branch star as his emblem. Authorized classes: Illusionist, enchanter, archer, bard, thief, cleric, monk, warrior, Dark Knight.






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