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2005/11/01 Tue

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ぼちぼち訳すDARK AND LIGHT KINGDOMS by Satange IN the beginning, the moon was one. Gothar had made this sphere to host Dragoon, the creature made of pure magic he had ordered Neutra to create. A new primary essence radiated from the heart of the night star: magical ether. The nine races created by the gods of Ganareth were able to get their magical powers from this mana, and live in harmony according to Gothar’s will. But Dragoon’s powerful breath consumed the moon from the inside, a bit more every day, and its inner core was covered in fine crystals. When the great dragon was set free from his stone prison to set the beginning of the dark ages, these crystals spread in the sky and on the earth.On the day when the moon cracked open, magic vanished from Ganareth, and the nine divine peoples had to face the dragons’ oppression. Much later, the Council of Elders launched some research leading to the discovery of the major role moon crystals played, and the difference between dark and light crystals. The former were often found in the north of Ganareth, and allowed necromancers to reach powers they could not even dream of. The latter were mostly found in the south of the continent, and gave their best results to those who followed the way of enchantments. Magic recovery would give a decisive edge to peoples of Ganareth against dragons. Although Dragoon was defeated, the difference between Dark and Light crystals remained. Therefore, when the Humans asked Gothar for religious independence, the god of gods stated what follows: The use of magic would be forbidden in the nine kingdoms belonging to the gods of Ganareth from then on. But those who wished to live by magic would be able to do so in two dedicated kingdoms. In the north, a mana fountain would allow Dark magic to exist, and people to use it. In the south, an identical giant fountain would be created for Light magic. Every other kingdom was to remain neutral. However, things did not last for long. When Helyazarad discovered the first documents on what would be called the Ganheptameron, he gave the peoples of Ganareth a way to wake up the gods Gothar had banned, and to spread the influence of Dark and Light crystals upon neutral kingdoms once again. Since then, dreams of power in both kingdoms made them fight one another for the supremacy of their way of life. In addition to a thousand years of isolation in their kingdoms, those who had followed the way of magic had created an ideology on their own. If both kingdoms advocate a new order that would benefit everyone, their views on this new order is completely different. The people who follow the dark crystals believe you have to be strong to survive, and that troublesome elements have to be swept away from the system, or used in a productive manner. Among them is a high number of necromancers, able to change the laziest of henchmen into an active and useful minion. But those who chose the Light magic are not commendable either. The "order" on the Light side is at the same time the freest and most oppressive system ever. For if destruction does not fall into their scope, and creation is the main base of their doctrine, it is impossible to consider that some people may think differently. Light illuminates things so much it sometimes ignores the form, and the Light kingdom does not accept any shadow and proves very harsh towards deviants.The existence of Dark and Light kingdoms is a strange and complex thing. It goes beyond the notions of good and evil, it even goes beyond people and gods, since it affects the members of a same cult, profession and race alike, sometimes leading them to civil wars. Some say that Dark crystals are born from Dragoon’s inspirations, and that Light crystals bear the mark of his breath. Here is maybe the answer to why Dark and Light kingdoms exist: both are divided parts of what was originally the creation of one single being, Dragoon, the source of all magic.






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