DnL -History of Ganareth/Genesis [Year 00-Year 99]

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History of Ganareth/Genesis [Year 00-Year 99]@DnL公式

ぼちぼち訳すGENESIS [YEAR 00-YEAR 99] by Satange Before everything there was only Nothingness. In his chariot driven by the Sun came Gothar the almighty and he lifted up the heavy veil of Nothingness. Down below he set a huge, strange glinting sphere, beautiful and fascinating, and he called it Ganareth. And Gothar said, let there be my realm: and there was his realm. Satisfied with what he had created, Gothar rested from the long journey and all his work which he had made. As Gothar rested so, the Sun went away and the heavy veil of darkness fell down again. Angered, Gothar tied up the Sun to Ganareth and condemned him to go round Ganareth to chase the darkness away. From then on, the Sun went round Ganareth and chased Nothingness that was fleeing ahead of him; the shadow and the light, the night and the day took turns upon Ganareth; and it was so. Being the creator of everything, Gothar decided to beget nine Deities so that his creation would be perfect.On the morning of the first day, Gothar set out to work and draw the frontiers of the first realm on Ganareth, and formed it as he wished it to be. And he took from himself an extract of fertility and of life to give birth to the first Goddess, whom he named Ysatis. And from then on, the Goddess ruled upon the realm which Gothar had made hers. On the second day Gothar built the second realm; out of his strength, his constitution and out of death that he took from himself, he begot the God Agnar. The new God entered his realm and made it after his kind.At the dawn of the third day, Gothar made the third realm, and out of his divine breath and his swiftness he begat the God Zephyr as he named it. The God Zephyr flew all over his realm faster than light would have done.On the fourth day Gothar spread out the waters upon the face of Ganareth. The realm he had just created was very vast, too vast for a single God to rule over it, and Gothar kept it for himself. He created another, of a more reasonable size, and gave it to the Goddess Hydra who was born out of the Mana and heredity.On the fifth day Gothar handled the essences of charisma and nature for a long time before he created Neutra, both male and female created he him; Neutra was made androgynous, neither male nor female but the perfect balance in-between. The fifth realm Gothar granted him, which he had just created.On the sixth day Gothar begat Malecta, Goddess of wisdom and illnesses; the sixth realm was granted to her. The five Deities attended her creation, and as Gothar worked on her substance, they were filled with wonder.On the seventh day, Gothar said, Let there be a seventh realm: and it was so. The God Hel was taking shape in the hands of Gothar, out of the combination of his strength and the power of lightning. At the seventh hour Hel entered his realm.On the eighth day, Gothar said, Let there be an eighth realm: and it was so. Calder was made out of the combination of the heat of the earth and Gothar’s intelligence, and settled in his realm, wherein he did nothing that had not been given much thought.On the ninth day at last, Gothar made the ninth realm and gave it to Aesir who was born out of dexterity and cold.On the tenth day of the year 0, Gothar saw everything he had made, and, behold, it was very good.On Ganareth, the life of the Gods was proceeding. Each God made his realm as he wished; but, in the complete freedom Gothar had granted them, they began to quarrel . Hydra was claiming rights over the oceans, Hel, over the heaven, and as to Malecta, she was claiming rights over every thing ! On the 222nd day of the year 1, Gothar created the Wahl and invited all the Gods there. They came forward in turn to present Gothar with an offering, as a token of their submission and allegiance to him. Gothar accepted each offering and remained impassive.The nine Gods took a seat at Gothar’s table and the Feast began.During the banquet a violent quarrel broke out and three seats were broken into pieces.To show he was greatly annoyed, Gothar thumped his fist on the table and the ground of Ganareth started shaking . Mountains started rising, lakes started shaping. Once it was all over, Gothar asked the Gods for the reason of their quarrel.As Gothar the infinite, creator of all beings, among other things, had created them after his image, they wanted to be like him, even if they were but tiny parts of him. Just as Gothar had begotten them, they wanted to beget other beings who would serve them, just the way they were serving Gothar. Compared to Gothar, the nine Gods were like young children, impatient and capricious. Each one of them wanted to create a people different from the others, hence their quarrel.Gothar invited them to withdraw except for Neutra, whom he asked to stay .Neutra was the only one not to have taken part in any quarrel. Gothar decided therefore to entrust him with the task of creating a magic entity, so as to make sure that the plans he was having for Ganareth and the future creations of the other Gods would be achieved without trouble. Neutra conceived secretly all by himself and begat Dragoon, an all-magic being .Gothar created the moon and Dragoon’s shell, shut him up in it, and put both of them in heaven, opposite the sun.The magic ether, also named Mana, was given off inside the moon; it shrouded the world and finally invaded it. New people could now emerge and use the magic to grow and live together in harmony.The nine Gods were again summoned by Gothar, and each one was allowed to create a people over whom they would rule. The nine Gods were satisfied with their lot and Ysatis’s rite was instituted by Gothar.Therefore, on the 13th day of the year 2: Zephyr begat the Orcs and made them rule over the deserts. Malecta made the Trolls and settled them in the marshes. Neutra made the Elves and settled them in the most wonderful forests. Hydra begat the Gnomes and made them fond of the waters. Ysatis begat the Sprites and made them dwell in the grasslands. Agnar made the Dwarves and posted them on top of the highest mountains. Hel made the Goblins, creatures of the skies, who were to dwell in the seventh realm. Aesir created the Kells and made them rule over the frozen lands of the ninth realm. Finally, Calder made the Morgans, who took possession of the underground regions of the eighth realm.On the 14th day of the year 2, the Gods left their realm to go to the Wahl in order to celebrate with Gothar. The feast went on rather cheerfully until Gothar announced to the Gods that, from now on, they would no longer enjoy his full protection and would have to take their power from their people’s faith. Praying then became a very important act, linking the Gods to the peoples living by their side.Between the 15th day of the year 2 and the 1st day of the year 666, the nine peoples colonized Ganareth and started to erect monuments in the glory of the Gods they were worshipping. Altars were built, which were but plain statues representing the Gods; temples were also built, in which ceremonies took place and where worshippers came to commune on feast days. The nine peoples also raised sanctuaries in which the Gods’ relics were kept and venerated. During the same period, the first cloisters appeared. The peoples went there to cultivate their gift for magic and clairvoyance.The different peoples built roads, farmed the land, and civilization started developing thanks to the Mana which was providing them with positive magic energy.On the 3rd day of the year 33: To reward the most deserving God amongst the nine of them, Gothar decided that every decade the world should be governed by the most powerful and most worshipped God. But alas, the Gods’ greed for power made them use every stratagem to achieve their end. The nine peoples started to tear one another to pieces in fratricidal struggles.In the early beginning of the year 66: Start of the Great Plague that brought horror to its climax. Also known as « Malecta’s anger », it lasted till the very last day of the year 99. More widely-known as « Freïa », the Great Plague came out of Malecta’s womb, as Agnar had gotten Malecta pregnant, and it was released throughout the world so as to collect souls. Freïa partly decimated the population as a whole and totally exterminated the Goblins.In the year 99, giving free rein to his divine anger, Gothar got rid of Freïa by drowning her in the dark waters lake; after which, its waters changed into putrid waters, producing evil amphibious monsters.Gothar decided then to resume the control of his creation.






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