Road to Netherdrake Mount

2007/05/25 Fri


Neutral to Friendly = 0-3000 rep
250 quests
4 quests *250/daily
Friendly on Day 3 plus 250 spillover

Friendly to Honored = 0-6000 rep
1300 quests
4 quests *250/daily
3 quests*350 daily
Honored on Day 5 plus 700 spillover

Honored to Revered 0-12000 rep
4500 quests
4 quests*250/daily
3 quests*350/daily
1 quest * 500 daily
Revered on Day 8 plus 1350 spillover

Revered to Exalted = 0-21000 rep
250 quests
4 quests*250/daily
3 quests*350/daily
2 quests*500/daily
Exalted on Day 15
Hated to Neutral The quest chain begins by speaking with Mordenai, an NPC wandering the surface of the Netherwing Fields, in the southeast corner of Shadowmoon Valley. [70] Kindness [1], offered by Mordenai, having players feed the nether drakes flying overhead by collecting [Rocknail Flayer Carcass]es as drops from Rocknail Flayers or a combination of 5 [Rocknail Flayer Giblet]s as drops from Rocknail Rippers. [70] Seek Out Neltharaku [2], offered by Mordenai, ended by Neltharaku, flying high above Netherwing Fields. [70] Neltharaku's Tale [3], offered by Neltharaku, asking players to listen to his story. [70] Infiltrating Dragonmaw Fortress [4], offered by Neltharaku, having players kill any 15 Dragonmaw Orcs. [70] To Netherwing Ledge! [5], offered by Nelthraku, collecting 12 [Nethervine Crystal]s from Netherwing Ledge, a floating island southeast of the Netherwing Fields. [70] The Force of Neltharaku [6], offered by Neltharaku, having players free 5 nether drakes with the provided [Enchanted Nethervine Crystal]. [70] Karynaku [7], offered by Nelthraku, ended by Karynaku chained in the Dragonmaw Fortress. [70G5] Zuluhed the Whacked [8], offered by Karynaku, having a suggested group of 5 players free Karynaku by killing Zuluhed the Whacked to collect [Zuluhed's Key] and unlock the chain. [70] Ally of the Netherwing [9], offered by Karynaku, ended by Mordenai, advancing players to neutral reputation. Rewards: 42,000 Netherwing reputation Neutral to FriendlyThe questline resumes in Patch 2.1 by speaking with Mordenai on the surface of the Netherwing Fields in Shadowmoon Valley. 300 riding skill is required to initate the quest. Accepting the introduction quest has Mordenai use the Dragonflight's magic to spell players to appear as a fel orc riding a nether drake while in the vicinity of Dragonmaw Fortress and the vastly changed Netherwing Ledge, which makes all fel orcs in the region excluding Dragonmaw Ascendants, Dragonmaw Skybreakers and Dragonmaw Transporters appear friendly. [70] Blood Oath of the Netherwing [10], offered by Mordenai, available to players with 300 Riding skill, introducing the new quest chain. [70] In Service of the Illidari [11], offered by Mordenai, giving players [Illidari Service Papers] to take to Overlord Mor'ghor[66.86] at the Dragonmaw Base Camp. [70] Enter the Taskmaster [12], offered by Mor'ghor, directing players to Varkule and Yarzill, standing immediately outside.Taskmaster Varkule Dragonbreath offers once-daily collection quests to players with the necessary gathering profession and skill to collect the items, as well as a fallback quest to players with the non-gathering professions [70 Daily] Nethercite Ore [13], collecting [Nethercite Ore] for miners. (Only 1 of the 3 Gathering Quests may be done per day.) [70 Daily] Netherdust Pollen, collecting [Netherdust Pollen] for herbalists. (Only 1 of the 3 Gathering Quests may be done per day.) [70 Daily] Nethermine Flayer Hide, collecting [Nethermine Flayer Hide] for skinners. (Only 1 of the 3 Gathering Quests may be done per day.) [70 Daily] Netherwing Crystals [14], collecting [Netherwing Crystal]s for all players. [70] Your Friend on the Inside, offered by Yarzill[66.86] introduces players to Yarzill and his group of goblins standing next to Varkule.Yarzill the Merc offers two once-daily repeatable quests, as well as a fully-repeatable collection hunt. [70 Daily] A Slow Death [15], poisoning 12 peon camps with [Fel Gland] drops from Netherskates and other wildlife in Shadowmoon Valley. [70 Daily] The Not so Friendly Skies..., collecting 10 [Netherwing Relic]s from Dragonmaw Transporters on the Dragonmaw Skyway. [70] The Great Netherwing Egg Hunt [16], collecting a single [Netherwing Egg] [17], which has a chance of dropping from all creatures and item nodes on the ledge. [70] Accepting All Eggs [18], fully repeatable, collecing more Netherwing Eggs. [70G2] A Job Unfinished... [19], started by killing Arvoar the Rapacious who drops [Partially Digested Head], having a suggested group of two players kill Barash the Den Mother and 10 Overmine Flayers for 20 gold and a choice of [Ascendant's Boots], [Dragonmaw Augur's Cinch], [Drake Tamer's Gloves] or [Skybreaker's Mantle]. quests at neutral give 250 reputation with Netherwing, excluding the initial Netherwing Egg turnin, which is worth 350 reputation. [edit]Friendly to HonoredPlayers receive a trinket that summons a combat pet while in Shadowmoon valley and open up an additional 3 daily quests. Earlier repeatable quests are still available. [70] Rise, Overseer! [20], offered by Varkule, ended by Mor'ghor, receiving an [Overseer's Badge]. [21] [70] The Netherwing Mines, offered by Varkule, ending at either Mistress of the Mines. +75 Reuptation [70 Daily] Picking up the Pieces..., offered by either Mistress, collecting [Nethermine Cargo]. [70 Daily] Dragons are the Least of Our Problems, offered by any Dragonmaw Foreman, killing Nethermine Ravagers and Nethermine Flayers. [70] Crazed and Confused, offered by Ronag the Slave Driver, killing 5 Crazed Murkblood Miners and a Crazed Murkblood Foreman. +350 Reputation [70] The Great Murkblood Revolt, offered by [Murkblood Escape Plans] as a drop from [Sludge-covered Object]s in the Mines off of Black blood of Draenor. +350 Reputation [70] Seeker of Truth, offered by either Mistress, having players get information and a [Hand of the Overseer] from a friendly Murkblood Overseer in the mine. +500 Reputation [70] Overseeing and You: Making the Right Choices, offered by Chief Overseer Mudlump, collecting 10 [Knothide Leather] and a [Hardened Hide of Tyrantus] from Tyrantus in Eco-Dome Farfield. +250 Reputation [70 Daily] The Booterang: A Cure For the Common Worthless Peon, offered by Mudlump, having players "Knock sense in to worthless, lazy peons" with the [Booterang] which can be used while mounted. newly-available repeatable quests at friendly give 350 reputation with Netherwing. Honored to ReveredPlayers receive an upgraded trinket once reaching Honored, allowing players to summon a combat pet in all zones and open up another daily quest as well as the races. All previous repeatable quests are still available. [70] Stand Tall, Captain!, offered by Varukle, ended by Mor'ghor, receiving a [Captain's Badge]. [22] [70 Daily] Disrupting the Twilight Portal, offered by Mor'ghor, killing any 20 Deathshadow Agents at the The Twilight Ridge in western Nagrand. [70] The Soul Cannon of Reth'hedron, offered by Illidari Lord Balthas, having players collect 2 [Felsteel Bar]s, 1 [Adamantite Frame], 1 [Khorium Power Core] and 1 [Flawless Arcane Essence]. The Arcane Essence is a drop from Sar'this in Lake Jorune above Stonebreaker Hold in Terokkar Forest. [70] Subduing the Subduer, offered by Illidari Lord Balthas, having players travel to the Twilight Ridge in Nagrand to drain Reth'hedron the Subduer's life using the Soul Cannon made from the previous quest [70] Earning Your Wings..., offered by Ja'y Nosilw, introducing players to the six riders at the edge of base camp. These riders offer a new style of quest: Races. [70] Dragonmaw Race: The Ballad of Oldie McOld, offered by Murg "Oldie" Muckjaw. +350 Reputation [70] Dragonmaw Race: Trope the Filth-Belcher, offered by Trope the Filth-Belcher. +350 Reputation [70] Dragonmaw Race: Corlok the Vet, offered by Corlok the Vet. +500 Reputation [70] Dragonmaw Race: Wing Commander Ichman, offered by Wing Commander Ichman who complains about all the Horde whining about the bridge to Dun Baldar in Alterac Valley. +500 Reputation [70] Dragonmaw Race: Wing Commander Mulverick, offered by Wing Commander Mulverick, who much like Ichman, also complains about the whining the Alliance does about Alterac Valley. +500 Reputation [70] Dragonmaw Race: Captain Skyshatter, offered by Captain Skyshatter, receiving a [Skybreaker Whip]. +1000 Reputation Revered to ExaltedPlayers receive yet another upgrade to the trinket, this time adding 45 stamina, and open up a daily group quest. All earlier repeatable quests are still available. [70] Hail, Commander!, offered by Varkule, ended by Mor'ghor, receiving a [Commander's Badge]. [23] [70] Kill Them All!, offered by Mor'ghor, giving players a [Dragonmaw Flare Gun], having players take a batallion of Dragonmaw Skybreakers to attack the Aldor or Scryer camp in Shadowmoon Valley, depending on which faction players are aligned with. Scryers-affiliated players are directed to Arcanist Thelis at the Sanctum of the Stars. [70] Commander Hobb, offered by Thelis, sending players outside. [70G3 Daily] The Deadliest Trap Ever Laid, offered by Commander Hobb, having a suggested group of 3 players defend against several Skybreakers while keeping Hobb alive. If players successfully complete the quest, they may turn in the quest-provided [Scryer Medals] to Mor'ghor as "proof" of the player's victory over the Scryer camp. Aldor-affiliated players, much the same but at the Altar of Sha'tar. Information requested






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