DnL -Pioneer Registration Faq

2005/11/25 Fri

Pioneer Registration Faq

Click and Buyで先に登録して
そしたら、customerservice@darkandlight.comからYour Pioneer Pack subscription is confirmedってメールが届くので
http://secure.ariasystems.net/aria/dnl/uss_auth.loginでBilling Historyを確認、balance dueって項目が59.99になってればOKなはず


First, visit : http://secure.ariasystems.net/aria/dnl/uss_auth.loginThat will ask you for your Dark and Light ACCOUNT information, you must have a DnL account (board account) to even bother registering for the Pre-Order.If that link is down, give it some time, or try the official site’s :www.darkandlight.comOnce you fill in your DnL information, you will be required to check off that you agree to the terms and that you agree to buying the pre-order. Then hit accept/next to continue.As you may or may not have noticed, there are currently latency issues with the server. You WILL get 404 errors along the way. Please use the 404 refresh techniques described below to get through these problems.Once you have completed the beginning part, you will see a little link that says fill in account info for Click and Buy, click this.If you don’t already have a click and buy account, you will need to register one, otherwise at the top there, log in with your account.You will then be sent through a series of pages basically confirming your choice and telling you to hit next/accept. If you are this far, you got this, just keep with it.Use the refresh techniques to continue on and you will be lead to another DnL page with a loading graphic. DO NOT REFRESH THIS PAGE. Just let it go. Once that is done, you will either see the Congratulations page, or another 404. If you see the 404, again use the refresh technique and you will soon see the congrats page!Refresh Technique:Once you encounter a 404 page, hit refresh ONE TIME. See the loading blue bar at the bottom of the window? LET THAT COMPLETLEY FINISH BEFORE REFRESHING. Otherwise, you may end up refreshing when it was actually going to load that time. It is common that you will refresh and get another 404. I know, it’s frustrating but just keep with it. Refresh .. wait for the load .. refresh again if need be until you get to the next page. Do NOT spam refresh every 2 seconds, that will just make it harder for everyone else and you will most likely refresh a working load of the page.Also IE users (I dont use Firefox, but im sure it has the same thing), click view->status bar. Now, that gray box at the very bottom of the window will tell you what your browser is currently doing. Even if you don't see the blue bar, if it says something like Loading .. www.something.asp.some_more_garbage leave it alone. Let that say done, or nothing at all before hitting refresh.QnA:Q: My account / password are invalid!A: Sorry, we have no idea why this is. It worked for me and many others. Some are even able to log into the forums, yet their name/pws doesn’t work. The only advice I can offer here is try to enable cookies if you don’t already, log into the forms, check any box that says save login information and try again. Be sure you don’t have capslock on 0There is currently NO ETA on when this will be resolved. As soon as we hear something from AD or another developers, we will post it!Q: SHAT! I registered but no email or transaction data in ClickandBuy!!A: If you saw that final congrats page, I am 99% sure you are in, but there is a way to 100% guarantee it! Simply try to register again with your account, in the beginning when you enter your forum information, it will tell you that you are already registered, this is a semi quick way to find out for sure Also, keep in mind that for both the account I registered, the email was NOT sent to my main email, but the email I registered the account with years ago. If you changed your main email in your profile, chances are it still went to the email the original account was created with.Q: I got a blank email!!?!A: Yea, a lot of us did. Seems normal, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Just use the methods above to verify your account is pioneer status!Q: Where is my activation number and what does this rank mean?A: There are currently NO CD-Key's being sent out right now. Don't worry if you havn't yet got your activation key.Q: I'm having problems registering my CC infor with ClickandBuy, what gives?A: Well, last i heard of someone with this problem, they where using a Master Card. I used a Visa card and had no problems, if you can i would reccomend trying to use a Visa card.Q: What is this loading page you are talking about?A: Once you have gotten through the ClickandBuy section, you will come a DnL page. You can tell by the color of the background being the redish/brownish color. You will see an animated graphic at the top, i believe it looks like octagons in a chain, it will color up red as it progresses. Infact, it may only color one, then you get a 404 (This is what happend to me). Just use the refresh technique to get to the next and very last page of registration!Q: When will i be billed for my pre-order?A: You will be billed upon logging into SoG. You may cancel at any time until then.Q: Is there any other way to really verify I am a Pioneer? And how do i know for sure what email my notification was sent to?A: Click this link : http://secure.ariasystems.net/aria/dnl/uss_auth.loginThen, you will need to go to Billing History. If you have an avilable balance of 59.99 you are set!Check Billing Contact for the email that your notification was sent to. THIS is the email you will get your notification at from DnL, not the one in your profile. (Unless they are the same of course )






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